How did Dankur start?

When our little daughter was about six months old, she had rash around her buttock. We asked our doctor for the cause. It was normal and she had seen it with many other children as well. We should try other skincare products. We tried everything on the market, but our daughter still had a red had rash around her buttock.

Since my housebound have a master degree in chemical engineering, he got the idea to make natural soap for our daughter. He started making natural soaps and tried them on himself. After several different recipes and experiments, my housebound succeeded in making the formulation for a natural liquid soap for children that were gentle and kind to the skin. After washing our daughter's buttock with this mild natural soap 3-4 times daily, our daughter had no longer rash around her buttock. On the contrary, she has the most soft and silky skin a child should have.

Then we thought, if our daughter can benefit from the natural soap, so can other children. At the same time, I also developed a natural soap for adults to wash hands for normal skin. We have only used this natural soap for ourselves ever since. Since many people with dry skin exist, a natural soap for dry skin has also been developed.

 Our families, friends and customers who have tried the various organic and natural skin care products from Dankur are all satisfied and happy to use our natural skincare products.

We are proud to hear that once you have used our natural skin care products, you will always use them. With the properties of these products, I am not afraid to recommend our high quality organic and natural skin care products to you and your family as I know your skin will benefit from our natural skin care products.